Chamomile, Blue CO2 Total Extract, Organic

 Matricaria Recutita
Botanical name Matricaria recutita
Suggested Use Aromatherapy, Perfumery, Cosmetics, Soapmaking, Candle Crafting
Origin Various
Extraction Method CO2 Total Extract
Cultivation Certified Organic
Plant Part Flower
Note Middle

Product Overview

Colour and Appearance: Chamomile Total Extract is a soft, paste-like substance that requires gentle warming (not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius) before use. Has rather dark greenish blue color.

Composition: This extract contains (cuticular) waxes and several types of fatty acids, also includes 7-17% essential oils, oxides such as bisabolol oxide A and B, chamazulene, α-bisabolol, and matricin. Matricin, a key compound found in the plant’s flowers, remains intact during the CO2 extraction process.

Properties: Calming, relaxing, soothing, cramp relieving, analgesic, relieving digestive cramps and promoting digestion, healing and protecting  greatly anti-inflammatory for skin, tendons and ligaments, excellent antihistamine and antiallergenic. Matricine is said to exert greater anti-inflammatory activity than chamazulene alone.

Fragrance: Powerful and very pure chamomile fragrance.